Paradise TV Weather Girl

Some scenes backstage from Paradise TVs Weather Report. Their managaer of international sales takes Captain Japan and TokyoDV on a tour of their studio in Tokyo, Japan.

“… The chaos continues: flapping newspapers flutter past (with one momentarily clinging to her forehead); snow begins falling; and more clothing vanishes. In the end, she is covered in a dusting of white flakes and a grin.

This is what the channel’s subscribers want.

“The first few years were confusing,” says Kenichiro of Paradise, which started its 24-hour broadcasting in 1998. “Four or 5 years ago there was no marketing. We just made whatever we wanted. But right now we just ask our viewers: ‘What kind of program do you want to watch?’”

Their feedback has resulted in wacky, perverted programming – Paradise’s trademark. This “stupid” style has not only been a success domestically but it has also gained a select following overseas. For Paradise, though, pleasing their subscribers through both live and pre-recorded shows is simply one factor; they also must – as surprising as it might sound – maintain an element of decency…”

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